[omniORB] Memory requirements for omniORB on WinNT

Rebecca.A.Sanford@notesmta.gd-is.com Rebecca.A.Sanford@notesmta.gd-is.com
Mon, 1 Mar 1999 09:41:23 -0600


I'm running omniORB 2.7 between two WindowsNT machines (both
using 4.0, Service Pack 3).  I've noticed some strange behaviors
while monitoring the memory usage history (via the Task Manager).
There seems to be some 1Hz pulsing in which an additional 70MB
is used then released.

Does anyone know the minimum about of RAM and available memory
needed to run omniORB on WindowsNT?  Also, what is causing this

Thanks in advance to anyone/everyone that has some insight
into this!

Becki Sanford
General Dynamics Information Systems
Minneapolis, MN
email: r.sanford@gd-is.com