[omniORB] Snapshot 980827 is released.

Sai-Lai Lo S.Lo@orl.co.uk
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 17:11:22 +0100

Dear all,

omniORB2 snapshot 980827 is released. The snapshot is now available for

 - in source only:


 - source and Windows NT/95 binaries


This release is stable on all our supported platforms. It will be
officially released as omniORB_2.6.0 shortly.

Details of changes can be found in:


The highlights are:

1. Support of the DynAny interface.

2. Implementation skeleton by delegation, using known as the tie approach.
   This is supported via tie implementation templates generated by the IDL

3. Use of C++ namespace to represent IDL module. This is fully supported
   with MSVC++ 5.0 and DEC C++ v6.0 (Digital Unix 4.0D). As part of this
   enhancement, reopening IDL module is now supported.

4. JavaIDL compatible bootstrapping. It is now easier to configure the
   ORB to contact omniNames. It is easy to get JavaIDL clients and servers
   interoperate with omniORB2 via the naming service.

5. New platforms:
      - Irix 6.2 / C++ version 7.2
      - Phar Lap ETS Kernel
      - SCO OpenServer 5
      - Reliant Unix 5.4.3

   Note that we do not support these platforms directly. The ports have not
   been exercised with omniORB2_testsuite to verify its correctness. Anyone
   with access to these platforms please run the tests and report any
   problems. See NOTES_TO_TESTERS for details.

6. Bug fixes. All omniORB_2.5.0 bugs listed in 
   have been fixed.

I'm interested to know any success or failure in using this snapshot
on other platforms other than those we support directly. Any problems will
hopefully be fixed before omniORB_2.6.0 is released. We are aiming at
getting is out of the door as soon as possible.

Documentation still needs to be updated.


Sai-Lai Lo

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