[omniORB] How to compile TypeCode

Sai-Lai Lo S.Lo@orl.co.uk
19 Aug 1998 12:18:33 +0100

Try this:

typedef sequence<CORBA::TypeCode> PropertyTypes;

As you known, TypeCode is conceptually part of the CORBA module, so you
have to use CORBA::TypeCode. I think it is wrong for a IDL compiler to
accept typedef sequence<TypeCode> p;


>>>>> Tom Gardner writes:

> I'd like to compile the CosPropertyService module.
> In it, is the declaration:

> typedef sequence<TypeCode> PropertyTypes;

> Does omniORB's IDL compiler have a provision to
> compile types from the CORBA module?  Specifically,
> how do I resolve the "TypeCode" type above?

> Orbix, for example, has the statement:

> #include "orb.idl"

> that allows these types to be resolved.

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