[omniORB] Naming toughts from a newbie

Philippe de Monteiro Sevestre phil@dedalus.net
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 10:57:53 -0300

Dear OMNIorbers,

I've been following this list for some time and it seems that the CORBA
naming service is a subject that is coming up, for one reason or another.

Some of the issues are configuration and features like authentication,
redundant naming servers, etc, which are not standard among vendors. IMHO,
a large deployment of CORBA-based components can also be a large headache
from the administrative point of view, unless you choose a single-vendor
approach - an approach that is not always desireable and/or feasible. After
all, CORBA is also about interoperability, isn't it ;^)?

To address this issue, I've been thinking of completely ignore the CORBA
naming service and using DNS or LDAP, which are already up and running.
They are reliable naming services with a stablished reputation of good
services (specially DNS), and could be used do store the stringified IORs
that CORBA needs.

Any comments/criticims/flames ?

Philippe de M. Sevestre
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