[omniORB] VisiBroker compatibility and Callback support

Zsolt Zsoldos zzsolt@home.com
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 00:11:28 -0400


I am working on the development of a client/server system,
the server is C++, the client is Java Applet (running from
a web-browser, e.g. Netscape). I am considering to use CORBA
instead of simple socket-based communication. However, I am
not sure whether omniORB is suitable for my purposes:

1. Is omniORB compitable with the VisiBroker ORB built into 
   Netscape 4.x, so that I could use a Java Applet from Netscape
   to access a C++ server based on omniORB2 ?

2. Does omniORB support callbacks from server to the client?
   In fact, some event sending mechanism from server to client
   would also be suitable for my purpose. The important criterium
   is that the server has to be able to initiate some action
   on the client side.

Any suggestions, sample code or documentation reference would
be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much,
Zsolt Zsoldos, PhD.                 e-mail: zzsolt@home.com 
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