[omniORB] OmniOrb as Server, JacOrb as Client

Olivier Raoul or@axlog.fr
Wed, 05 Aug 1998 10:21:07 +0100

Thien Nguyen wrote:

> Oliver,
> First, thanks for you help.  I don't know if discussion about Java Orbs is
> appropriate in a C++ Orb forum so I just sent this to you, hope that's ok.

I think that the interoperability questions are appropriate in ommi mailing

> Are you saying Java IDL is better than JacOrb or just that Java IDL would
> work?

I test only with the jdk and idltojava.

> My first choice was to explore Java IDL.  So I used jdk1.2 beta3 and
> downloaded idltojava.  I ran into a whole bunch of run-time errors.  So I
> gave up on Java IDL.  Does the jdk1.2 beta4 come with idltojava already?

The java IDL Orb is in the jdk1.2 beta4 but the idl compiler is a separate