idl problem

Reid M. Pinchback reidmp@MIT.EDU
Tue, 07 Oct 1997 15:33:01 -0400


Today I downloaded the binary win32 distribution of omniorb;
I also downloaded patch3 and installed it. I was able to get 
the examples all to work without too much difficulty, so I
figured that the next step was to see what was involved in
the code that produced those example binaries. I find that
whenever I try to use omniidl2 on echo.idl, I get the following

  C:\Pkg\omniORB2\build\examples\echo>omniidl2 -v echo
  C:\PKG\OMNIORB2\BIN\OMNIIDL2.EXE: preprocessing echo
  C:\PKG\OMNIORB2\BIN\OMNIIDL2.EXE: spawnvp of CL failed
  Preprocessor returned non-zero status -1

and no output files were generated. Here is the result from using
the -V option:

  Omniidl 2.2.0
  Copyright (C) 1996, 1997 Olivetti & Oracle Research Laborartory,
Cambridge, UK.
  Omniidl comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

I'm running on a Win95 machine, 200 mhz Pentium/MMX (Gateway). Let me
know any other info would possibly help to diagnose the problem;
any and all assistance greatly appreciated!

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