how to identify clients

Gary D. Duzan
Thu, 02 Oct 1997 10:04:27 -0400

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   "Renzo Tomaselli" <> wrote:

=>	in order to setup a locking scheme I need to safely distinguish clients
=>within an object implementation. By "clients" I generally mean client
=>threads (same or different applications); and off course I'm referring to
=>transparent (e.g. implicit or automatic, no extra method parameter)

   I implemented this by having clients register with the server, which
returns a newly created object reference for that particular client to
use when communicating with the server. The new object contains
information on the identity of the client and coordinates things with
the implementation objects accordingly. I'm using this in a simple
application with large object granularity, though; it might cause more
overhead than you'd like if you are dealing with fine-grained CORBA
objects. You also have to be careful about passing the reference around,
since anyone with the reference is seen as being the same client. Instead,
you want to pass around references to the original object and force each
recipient to register.

					Gary D. Duzan
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