[omniORB-dev] Patches for IDL stub generation

Duncan Grisby duncan@grisby.org
Mon, 03 Mar 2003 15:26:05 +0000

On Friday 28 February, Thomas Lockhart wrote:

> Does the python standard for CORBA specify the visibility for interfaces 
> other than CosNaming?

The mapping is silent on the topic of IDL compilation and layout of
files. It just says that IDL module M should be imported as Python
package M. It's up to the implementation to make it work.

You really ought to read the mapping spec. It's not very long.

> > acinclude.m4 is required. It is one of the inputs to aclocal that
> > generates aclocal.m4.
> Hmm. When I rename it aside autoconf stays happy. Oh well...

Yes, that's because autoconf reads aclocal.m4. aclocal.m4 is generated
from acinclude.m4 by the aclocal command.



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