This is the omniORB wiki page. The purpose of this wiki is to let our users contribute their experience in using omniORB for the benefit of the whole user community. There are several ways you can help:

  1. WhoIsUsingOmniorb?

  2. FrequentlyAskedQuestions (FAQ).

  3. UsefulTips. Comments & clarifications to the User guide, Installation guide. Hints on setup etc.

  4. OmniOrb4DevelopmentStatus

  5. OmniOrbPy2DevelopmentStatus

  6. Some ideas for DevelopmentAfterOmniOrb4

  7. Volunteers to build BinaryDistributions

  8. Details about making SourceContributions.

  9. CorbaServices for omniORB.

  10. Any other items you want to add. Just click on Edit below.

This wiki is completely open and anyone can add to or delete what others have written. How useful it is depends on how willing our fellow users are to spare a small amount of time to add their experience to the wiki. To try to stem the enormous quantity of spam, you must register yourself as a user before you can edit anything.

Please do not just add questions to the Wiki! The chances are, nobody will answer them. If you have a question, subscribe to the omniORB mailing list and post your question there. See this page. Only add useful information here!

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