omniORB 4.1.6 bugs

The following bugs in omniORB 4.1.6 have been fixed. Update from Subversion to get the fixes.

Summary: Marshal error sending large exceptions containing valuetypes (bug number 7)
Date: Thu May 23 15:36:56 BST 2013
Description: When an exception is sent, the message size is pre-calculated. If the message spanned multiple buffers, the current output pointer calculation was wrong, leading to incorrect marshalling of indirections.

Summary: Bidirectional GIOP fails in MAIN_THREAD_POLICY POAs (bug number 6)
Date: Thu May 23 12:54:55 BST 2013
Description: When an object reference that should have been subject to bidirectional GIOP was unmarshalled on a call destined for a main thread POA, it was not correctly marked for bidirectional.

Summary: Improper handling of transport rules containing names (bug number 5)
Date: Thu May 23 12:04:39 BST 2013
Description: If a transport rule contains a name, it is resolved to an IP address, but the rule was installed with the original name, rather than the resolved address.

Summary: omniNames service startup failure led to a crash (bug number 4)
Date: Wed Apr 10 18:13:58 BST 2013
Description: If the omniNames Windows service failed to start, it would crash rather than failing gracefully.

Summary: Invalid generated code for valuetypes with no members (bug number 3)
Date: Fri Dec 21 14:08:04 GMT 2012
Description: TypeCodes generated for valuetypes with no members were invalid.

Summary: Valuetype chunked encoding errors (bug number 2)
Date: Thu Aug 23 15:43:07 BST 2012
Description: The chunked encoding for valuetypes could sometimes be incorrect.

Summary: Obtaining IP addresses could fail on Solaris (bug number 1)
Date: Sat Mar 17 20:34:10 GMT 2012
Description: The Solaris lifconf structure was incorrectly initialised, meaning that the call to obtain IP addresses could fail.