omniORB 4.1.3 bugs

The following bugs in omniORB 4.1.3 have been fixed. Update from Subversion to get the fixes.

Summary: Delays in servicing calls with thread pool and no connection watching (bug number 1)
Date: Fri Oct 24 17:43:33 BST 2008
Reported by: Serguei Kolos
Description: The set of sockets to poll could be malformed, causing a socket to be ignored for a while.

Summary: Undeclared user exceptions in local calls are not caught (bug number 2)
Date: Tue Oct 28 16:25:32 GMT 2008
Description: If an operation implementation raised a CORBA user exception that was not declared in the operation's raises clause, local callers received the user exception, rather than CORBA::UNKNOWN as they should.

Summary: Internal CommFailure exception escapes after failed-on-forward call that is not retried. (bug number 3)
Date: Tue Oct 28 16:47:32 GMT 2008
Description: When a call on an object reference that has been location-forwarded fails, the transient exception handler is called. If the handler returns false, in some circumstances an internal exception can be thrown, rather than the proper CORBA system exception.
Reported by: Jacob Feisley

Summary: Incorrect generated code for some float constants (bug number 4)
Date: Wed Dec 3 10:50:44 GMT 2008
Description: Very small float constants led to invalid generated code.
Reported by: Will Denissen

Summary: Scoping problem in code generated for struct marshalling (bug number 5)
Date: Wed Dec 3 10:50:44 GMT 2008
Description: Ambiguous generated code with awkward nested type names.
Reported by: Will Denissen

Summary: Infinite loop on socket error (bug number 6)
Date: Mon Dec 29 15:10:23 GMT 2008
Description: On platforms with recv() that cannot be interrupted, a socket error would lead to an infinite loop.
Reported by: Masaaki Sekiya

Summary: Memory leaks in DynAny (bug number 7)
Date: Mon Feb 2 12:28:53 GMT 2009
Description: Memory leaks setting members / elements with DynAnys.
Reported by: Sampo Ahokas

Summary: Assertion failure with empty valuetype in omniORBpy (bug number 8)
Date: Mon Jun 1 12:03:11 BST 2009
Description: ORB core chunked encoding did not support empty chunks.
Reported by: Stephane Bonniez

Summary: Crash with unix transport when using transport rules (bug number 9)
Date: Thu Jul 2 09:51:51 BST 2009
Description: An object reference with just a unix endpoint would cause a crash if using transport rules.
Reported by: Serguei Kolos